Mitigation to Enhance Montana’s World-class Landscape through Stream and Wetland Restoration

Need to offset unavoidable stream or wetland impacts through high-quality mitigation? Credits from the Upper Clark Fork Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank are your ideal solution.

The Upper Clark Fork Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank is owned and operated by Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP)—the country’s leading provider of environmental credits. Mitigation credits from EIP enable you to satisfy the requirements of your environmental permit quickly and cost-effectively while eliminating liability exposure. Credit purchases also promote the conservation and restoration high quality trout streams and wetland habitat just east of Missoula, Montana.

The Upper Clark Fork Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank is approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fulfill mitigation requirements of Section 404 Clean Water Act permits.(1)

Powell County, MT
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1,900 acres protected | 264 acres of wetlands | 10,950 linear feet of stream restored
Benewah, Deer Lodge, Granite, Latah, Lewis and Clark, Mineral, Missoula, Powell, Ravalli, and Shoshone Counties, MT

Wetland Mitigation Credits

Stream Mitigation Credits

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Joe Williams

The Upper Clark Fork Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank service area includes the following watersheds (USGS HUCs):

  • Middle Clark Fork (17010204)
  • Blackfoot (17010203)
  • Bitterroot (17010205)
  • Upper Clark Fork (17010201)
  • Flint-Rock (17010202)

Credits may also be used to mitigate wetland impacts in adjacent watersheds at the discretion of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Restoration Initiative

The Upper Clark Fork Mitigation Bank has restored over 10,950 linear feet of spring creek and associated riparian areas, together with 264 acres of valley wetlands near the famed Blackfoot River. Prior to restoration, these areas were heavily impacted by intensive cattle grazing. Today, the restoration has resulted in a high quality mosaic of wet meadow habitats and riparian wetlands thatdeliver clean, cold water to the Blackfoot River by way of Nevada Creek. This dramatically improved fishery is contributing to the continued restoration of the Blackfoot to its glory days in fishing lore.

After Restoration: Natural Stream Design Revitalizes Fish Habitat
During Restoration: Significant Earth Moving Required for Re-channelization
Before Restoration: Stream Banks Heavily Impacted by Cattle Grazing
Before Restoration: Unnatural Flows of the Nevada Spring Creek

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To purchase mitigation credits or learn more, contact:
Joe Williams

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